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Boost your bottom line

Simplify and Streamline

Efficiency in the cloud

Axia increases your capacity for everything. The fastest Internet means better productivity. Download large files in seconds or install the latest software in a minute. Videoconference in HD anywhere in the world, depend on increased security and profit from unlimited cloud services. Whatever you need now, or in the future, is yours.

Guaranteed Reliability

24-hour technical support

We don’t give you “up to” 100 Mbps. We give you all that we promise, all the time. Bad weather, heavy usage periods, it’s all the same to Axia. You get what you pay for no matter what. We are confident that Axia provides the most reliable Internet possible.

  • Videoconferencing

    Without delays or loss of connectivity, smooth HD videoconferencing can save your business loads of time and money.

  • File Sharing

    No more standing around waiting for large files of any kind to send or arrive. With symmetrically fast upload and download speeds, everything is more efficient. Powerful Internet means no limit on file sizes.

  • Software Updates

    Save enormously with updates from the cloud. Inexpensive and fast updates for as many users as you need gives you more time and more resources for other priorities.

Which plan is right for you?

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100 Mbps

1 Gbps

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Benefits of a Fibre Network

  • Your dedicated connection

    With predictable capacity performance and symmetrical upload and download speed, Axia buys you time and reliability. Access tools for efficiency, like Google Docs, the cloud, Office 365 and Voice over IP. Guaranteed uptime for everyone on your team.

  • Wi-Fi strength

    You can supply Wi-Fi to everyone in your business, or to tenants and customers. Scale your service to your exact business needs.

  • Ultimate reliability

    Geography no longer matters. Wherever you are working, no matter what the weather and however many people are online, your connectivity stays. We guarantee it with the Axia 24-hour Technical Support service.

  • Security

    Protect what matters in your business with exceptionally secure data transmission. Tied into the SuperNet in Alberta, your Internet is as secure as the industry can offer. Consider HD security cameras for your premises, and monitor them from anywhere.