Axia’s expansion initiative continues across Alberta with the announcement of its latest fibre optic community, Stirling!

Calgary, AB – By advocating for 30% of homes and local businesses to express their interest, Stirling has its spot as the next rural Alberta community to receive Axia’s fibre optic infrastructure. Next week, Axia will begin construction on its next generation fibre optic network in Stirling, bringing unprecedented speed and reliability to homes and businesses within the community.  Axia’s network is made available on an open access basis, meaning long term competition and sustainability for Stirling as the digital economy continues its growth.     

Axia is dedicated to providing competitively priced, state-of-the-art fibre optic Internet services to rural Alberta. The technology is future-proof, meaning residents will never have to install another Internet line; symmetrical upload and download speeds from 25 to 1000 Mbps will eliminate online delays while offering unlimited data.

“We’re thrilled to bring world class Internet to Stirling for the same or less money than residents pay today, offering transformational customer value” says Robert Price, Vice President of Enterprise and Residential Service. “Progressive towns like Stirling across Alberta have shown strong motivation to differentiate their community, augment their economic landscape, and attract the next generation.”  

“The Village of Stirling is pleased to partner with Axia as they bring their fibre optic high-speed Internet services to our community,” says Ben Nilsson, Mayor of Stirling. “Not only does this announcement mean that every home and business in Stirling will have access to cutting edge Internet technology that is fast, affordable and reliable, but we feel that it has the potential to help us drive future economic development and the attraction of new residents in our village.”

Axia is currently evaluating other communities across Alberta who have demonstrated interest in the service. Any community who reaches 30% expressions of interest will be evaluated for fibre expansion. Interested individuals can fill out the form at 

About Axia 
Axia sells services over fibre optic infrastructure in jurisdictions that have implemented the Axia Next Generation Network Solution. Axia currently offers service in Vulcan, Nanton, Nobleford, and Barnwell, Alberta.


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