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Canada’s ultimate Internet experience
is getting an upgrade.

This Fall, Axia is increasing its speed of service for many residential customers by a factor of ten, for free.

  • Axia’s 50 and 100 Mbps customers will wake up to ten times more Internet for what they love. Overnight, entertainment will be even more entertaining, social networks even more social, games even more fun, homes even safer and smarter. Axia FibreTowns will become even more attractive places to live and work.
  • No “conditions apply” and it’s not for a “limited time”. These upgrades to 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps are free, forever, and they’re happening automatically.
  • Our 25 Mbps customers are also getting the option to upgrade their service to these new levels. They can get 20 times more with our 500 Mbps service—for just $20 a month more. Or they can take it to the max, and get 40 times more, with Canada’s fastest 1 Gbps service, for an extra $40 a month. Either way, simply sign in to your account and upgrade here.
  • As always, all Axia FibreTown residents get their own unshared, unrestricted bandwidth. The same super fast speed for uploading and downloading. All for one, no-surprises monthly bill. With no usage limits, no restrictions, and no bundling requirements. Ever.
There aren’t many towns in Canada where you’ll get ten times more of anything for the same price. But then these aren’t ordinary towns — they’re Axia FibreTowns.

Life in Axia FibreTowns is getting ten times better!


Your Experience is Important to Us

Our Commitment to Your Experience

If you ever feel your Internet experience is not everything it should be — lagging, buffering, or spinning wheels — please contact us at 1-844-276-2888 or axia.com/help

WiFi vs Wired Connections

Axia gives you the fastest, most reliable Internet connection in the land. The fastest, most reliable way to access it is with a wired connection.

Maximizing WiFi Performance

Our installers will talk you through all the great features of your service and router and help show you some easy things you can do to maximize your performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why is Axia doing this upgrade?

    From the beginning, Axia has been dedicated to improving people’s lives at the speed-of-light, by providing unfettered access to the internet for people in small towns across Alberta.  

    This is a quantum leap forward in our ultimate pursuit of making Alberta the Most Advanced Rural Digital Economy in the World.

  • 2. What happens next with my upgrade?

    Customers do not need to do anything to get upgraded. Axia will be upgrading current 50 and 100 Mbps customers over the course of the Fall and they will be notified via email when the upgrade is complete.

    Once your community has been upgraded, our service technicians will be calling customers to arrange a time to install our latest dual-band router for advanced Wi-Fi - so you can take maximum advantage of your upgraded bandwidth.

    Axia will be following up with customers directly about timing around upgrades in each community.

  • 3. Are 25 Mbps customers getting upgraded?

    No, the 25 Mbps service is not being upgraded automatically. We're confident our 25 Mbps service is the best base offering in rural Alberta and suits the needs of many of our customers.

    For those looking to get even more out of their Axia fibre connection, customers can choose to upgrade to 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps service. Simply sign into your My Account and choose which service you would like to upgrade to.

  • 4. Are business customers included in this upgrade?

    No. Business customers can still enjoy the same great speed-of-light Internet offerings they do today, including the 1 Gbps service which has been available from the start.

    The main differences between business and residential services is the customizable packages available to satisfy small, medium, and large business needs, along with a proactive service management agreement for maximum flexibility. Whether at home or at your business, you will have enough. And more.

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starting at $59/month

Finally, affordable Internet you can count on.

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