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How to become a #FibreTown

It starts with a partnership

1 It starts with a partnership

We need to know that your community leadership is on board and interested in fibre Internet expansion for their community. Town approval is crucial for the future success of the network.

Engaged citizens

2 Engaged citizens

Axia needs 30% of residents in your town to express interest. Nominate your town and tell your neighbours to do the same!

Nominate Your Town


3 Evaluation

Our team will survey your town, looking at roads and utility paths, while ensuring we have all the correct permits in place.


4 Design

Our engineers plan and design every metre of the network — strategically mapping where to place the fibre throughout your community.


At this point, we publicly announce your community is our next #FibreTown

Construction Truck

5 Construction

Plans are now in place and we pull out our shovels. With thousands of kilometres of fibre construction under our belt, we will bring our expertise to build the fibre grid in your community.

Sign Up

6 Sign up

Your dedicated fibre line is yours and yours only. This will be the last Internet connection you will ever need.


7 Installation

Now we’ll light you up! Once construction is complete, our team will meet with you to connect your personal fibre line.

Residential Fiber


You want more

Fast, reliable, and enough Internet for households with a few members who need unlimited Internet for things like email, social media, Netflix, online TV, and Skype on more than one device.

  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 100 Mpbs upload speed
  • Unlimited data transfer
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Way more everything

Never run out of speed or bandwidth with unlimited usage for busy households with lots of devices and/or a home office. It's the biggest there is for the fastest everything for everybody.

  • 1 Gbps download speed
  • 1 Gpbs upload speed
  • Unlimited data transfer
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Business Fiber


Small Business

Speed and dependability like never before. Perfect for small, busy offices or establishments with light use of customer WiFi.

  • 50 Mbps download speed
  • 50 Mpbs upload speed
  • Unlimited data transfer
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Mid-Size Business

Faster for more people making simultaneous demands on the Internet for things like large file transfers and virtualized desktops.

  • 100 Mbps download speed
  • 100 Mpbs upload speed
  • Unlimited data transfer
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Large Business

Maximum power and speed for the whole gang. Great for businesses with high data needs for lots of users.

  • 1 Gbps download speed
  • 1 Gpbs upload speed
  • Unlimited data transfer
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which 40 new communities will Axia be offering services to?

    To determine our next FibreTowns, we’re launching an unprecedented, grassroots campaign that engages Albertans so we can understand which communities would like to be a part of the first wave of investment. If your community wants fibre, engage everyone to send an expression of interest. The goal is to get 30% of your community to fill out our online form so we know you’re interested.

  • 2. What does this mean for communities that have already been announced?

    The work continues! If we’ve announced fibre expansion in your community, then that means our teams are hard at work building your network.

  • 3. What if my community has already expressed interest?

    Keep helping us spread the word by encouraging your friends and neighbours to express their interest for your community at You are the first step towards making your town a #FibreTown so help us spread the word.

  • 4. I really want fibre! How do I get my community engaged?
    Word of mouth is key! Tell your friends, neighbours, grocery clerk, and hair dresser to go to and sign up just like you did. Share the link on Facebook and Twitter. Spread the message any way you can. We’re trying to reach as many people as possible but if they hear it from you they’ll be more likely to sign up.
  • 5. What does my sign up do?

    In order for us to invest in your community, we need to know you want the service. The only way we can tell that is by having you sign up and submit an expression of interest. With your address, we will keep track of how many people have signed up from your city or town. once your city or community hits the 40% mark, at which point you become and Axia fiber community.

  • 6. Did our community hit 30%?

    We saw an overwhelming response to the campaign from all across Alberta. Now we will be working with the communities who are most interested to raise the number of expressions of interest in your town.

  • 7. When will we know if our community is picked?

    Building a fibre network is an intricate process that takes some of our top minds at Axia to ensure we design our best in class network. We will announce when a community is getting fibre optic infrastructure once shovels are ready to go in the ground.

  • 8. What is fibre optic technology?

    Fibre technology uses glass threads the size of hair to transmit data. A fibre optic cable consists of a bundle of these glass threads, each capable of transmitting messages onto light waves. Because of this, large amounts of information are able to travel to your home and business at the speed of light, literally.

  • 9. Why can’t I sign up for service today?

    In order for you to sign up for fibre optic Internet, someone needs to build the network. Thankfully, we’re the experts at that. If your town is engaged and reaches 30% interest, we’ll design and build that network for you. Once the network is built, we can then offer you service. This takes some time. Start the ball rolling by expressing your interest today and help you community get closer to the 30% mark.

  • 10. Do you offer a cable and telephone package with your service?

    We are experts at Internet. What we do is enable the experts in television and telephone on the global market. With an Axia Fibre Internet service you can access any programming you like! Further, with a high performing network you can have access to any number of online telephone services, some as low as $4 per month!

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